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Friday, January 25, 2013

YEAR 2013

And so, 2 years have swooshed past! Oh how time flies-the typical overused phrase, but really no 4 words could be more precise. The reason why I have chosen now to return is to document today, the day I can't seem to understand myself nor my actions. But what I am trying to make clear by documenting this day is that this is my choice, and the consequences to come are none other than the results of MY own decision, and thus if anything, it is ME to be blamed. Of course it is easiest to put the blame on others, but in this case, others were telling me to go right, but still, left is MY choice. What can I say, got to live up to the Taurus label of being a stubborn soul! But really, I can't emphasize any further..it makes me kind of paranoid to know that one day I might turn back and read this post knowing that I have already anticipated it. Also not to mention the fact that I would have to admit everyone else was right! Haha. But well..

On the contrary,  I am quite excited to see what will come of this. To know that I chose this path because I know I am capable of it, and after all, the day you start making boring decisions is when you are just done trying, ain't it? I can just cling on to this hope that there is only good at the other end, and clearly as of now, my fears outweigh my positivity as this is as much as I can write about the bright side. 

Bring on term 2!!

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Friday, January 28, 2011


It is a Friday night, and I am in the library. It's pretty quiet and lonely, then again, it's obvious..it's a Friday and it's 9pm! oh well. Feels pretty peaceful in a way. Looking forward to the sister coming to London tomorrow! sacrificing her CNY back home to be with the awesome siblings ;) I guess everyone wins!

So anyways, Wei Pin from down under finally came over to London and we had such a great time with him. As usual, when the Cempakans come together it feels like we've never left home. There's something so special and precious about high school ties. No matter how long we have not crossed paths, be it several months or even to the extent of years, we instantly just click. It is really amazing..and something that I really appreciate.

Just some pictures of recent happenings of no particular order:

Jamie's Italian + Snog

Vanite ( LSE Night @Amika )

One of the things I'd like to pen down on this year's to-do-list would be to explore all these little cafes located across London!

On a different note, am currently addicted to the xx's songs. A british band. Somehow this song really gets to me. Just can't get enough of it!

I am clueless as to why but I really really like this song.
Mysterious and rather mystifying
Somehow feels like a different world altogether!

Well then, hope you had an eventful start to the new year!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hello my potentially only loyal blog reader!

As a matter of fact, I really miss blogging and several times I land myself on my blog but never with enough willpower to actually pen down my thoughts. it is again one of those days where I have tons to do but conveniently slip it off my mind to sit down n type this out. Indeed, time to reflect on life the past few months.

Life has been fairly kind to me, challenging me with obstacles and life's drama but also guiding me towards people who care, and whom I know will always be there for me with an open heart. just when I think my life is crumbling down, there are always people to bring me back up on my feet again. and I really appreciate their effort in pulling me out of my misery. what would I do without such friends! but to be honest, I have always been there for them when they needed me too. so all in life is fair, ultimately :) but really, sometimes I do think..what did I do to deserve these 'white knights' in my life.

Since young, I am not one who can make decisions quickly and it is just a known fact...by close friends and family. it sucks big time, for them and for me. basically, I think I really do think too much at times. I am just a perfectionist wanting to make sure my choice is right..then again, sometimes it is fun to just go with the flow, taking things one at a time and just up for some spontaneity in life. after all, life is full of surprises. bad or good, regardless. well, I am just trying to get to a point, where I made a big decision towards the new year and I am really glad I did it. However idealistic I was in letting fate take it's toll, it kept lingering in my mind for months. and finally I decided that it was something worth fighting for, potentially life changing.

All I know for now is that as I am penning my thoughts, I am happy and contented. I have put a lot of thought into this apart from listening to what other's have to say. But in the end, what really matters is what my heart has to speak for itself. And now that I have opened up, I am going to give it my all. No one knows what will happen in the future, even in the near future, but I will do what it takes as long as it is within my will and strength to cherish this moment.

On a lighter note! winter break has flew by amazingly quickly. Below are just some snippets of how I have been productively spending my time. hehe.




Here's to a new year! Happy 2011! :)
Till next time.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

can life get anymore depressing than this.

i wish i could think i was stronger than that

i used to know

and now it's just left as a doubt


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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My blog is not dead! Please come back soon :)


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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Ever let my blog idle for more than a month! So here i am again to fill you in on my life as it is :)

Here goes.

Since the last post, there was reading week which flew by in a blink of an eye, literally.. there were the overbloating cny dinners, meetups with the favourite ppl, trip to dublin and then term started, Malaysian nights, library sessions and zoom! it's March 7th!

Hell how did all this happen in the span of just a month?

To say that it's been a great ride would be an understatement and now, it's time to head back to nerding in awe of exams. The thought of it makes me sick but hey it's just the phase of life, where everything you know or think you know is tested against your ability to comprehend, understand or simply spill out all that you have memorized in the worst case scenario. Although, this phase of life has been what I've been going through since 1996 when i first entered Standard 1. Tell me about the life of being a student :( And I wanna do a masters? Am I sure?? I really don't know. I hope I will be cut out for it when the time comes but we'll see, as of now, the future is a blur and I'm leaving all options open.

That was pretty much the happenings of where I left off almost a month ago in a nutshell. I shall post up some pictures from Dublin to wrap this post up. Enjoy! The last is my favourite :)

Trinity College Dublin

The point of coming here (Sally Gap) was to watch ppl swimming in the crazy cold!

Heading towards Wicklow Mountains. Amazing isn't it?

One of the two lakes at Wicklow

And the second lake :)

The best! wouldn't you agree? :)

Till then,
Hope life is treating you lovelies well. 

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Chinetine all! 

stemming from order or importance, what I meant to say was Happy Chinese New Year and Valentines! pretty much self-explanatory but just in case.

                         2008 CNY decorations done by dearest mummy :) ain't it pretty?

So Chinese New Year is once again family-less :( and as for Valentines, it's just another day. that is till prince charming comes strolling along. okay alright, i admit we're not living in fairy tales :((

As usual, being so far from home, CNY definitely does not feel the same. In fact, it doesn't feel like CNY at all. apart from stuffing myself with good chinese food with some of the loveliest ppl these 2 days, nothing beats celebrating this festivity period with the family n extended family. CNY has always been my all-time favourite holiday because that would mean the whole family driving up to Batu Pahat, Johor (dad's hometown) on the eve of New year's and having a huge reunion dinner with the grandmothers, uncles, aunties and favourite cousins. Not forgetting dressing up in new clothes, collecting ang paus and gambling till the sun comes up again.

On a side note, since I couldn't have any reunion dinner and boredom was kicking in, I decided to trim my bangs. at first, I wanted to go for straight cut bangs just like those cheeeena dolls since it's Chinese New Year after all. however, I got too chickened-out and decided to just go for the normal side swept bangs instead. it took almost an hour!
as u can see from the second pic, i nearly got a fit when i accidentally snipped off the middle part too much. thankfully, the end result was pretty decent for my second attempt at trimming bangs :)

okay, i'm off to another CNY house party. hope Chinese New Year is all good for the rest of you whose families are more than 10 hours away. May the Year of the Tiger bring in more happiness and prosperity to all you darlings :) *tiger hugs!* teehee.

note to self : never ever eat like there's no tomorrow!

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